March 4, 2019 1More iBFree Sport Full Review and Description

1More iBFree Sport Full Review and Description

We are seeing a lot of 1More earphones in our test center these days. Its single driver in-ear headphones has affected us and therefore Triple driver is in-ear. This time we got Bluetooth Earphones, 1More iBFree. So let’s see how they perform.

Construction & Design: 7/10

1MORE iBFree earphones are nothing more than watching. It comes with a standard design with a neckband style form-factor, with a standard design, in which the glossy metal finish housing driver is. It is very different with iBFree earphones, and you have to choose between red, green, blue and space gray colors. The color of the wire matches the back of the metal, which is thoughtful.

The box comes with three sets of silicon ear tips and sports grips or small, medium and large wings. I realized that the ear of the default ear came with it, was too small for the size of my ear and I quickly changed it with more fitting ear tip. This is good because I did not go to search the size of the tip of the right ear.

Like a hook, the fins hang on the ear fold to ensure that the earphones are not locked during intense workouts. It comes with the IPX4 rating, which ensures that it is water resistant, sweat and dust resistant. Both ear tips and feathers are changed.

Feathers are indicators for left and right ears and you see 1More branding based on driver. You can wear the wire behind your neck or in front of me, I liked the latter because I realized that after a point with the wire behind my neck the grip would be loose and the sluggish anger was coming. I liked Rubber Finish on the cable and the fact that it’s never confused. You also get a cable cable which is adjustable with length to adjust the slack.

The controller is simple with three-button layout. There is an LED on the top and on the side, you have a micro USB charging port.

IBFree takes about two hours to fully charge. Central button power / standby / call received and fall. It also helps to attach headphones to your phone or tablet. Volume up and down buttons also help skipping songs, although I could not do this on the iPhone.

Display: 7/10

Let’s get out of the way. It’s not an earphone for audiophiles.

I used earphones primarily on one run or when I was committing. For every second need, I had my audioTechnic headphone. I really loved about iBFree that is the isolation which provides it. Once the ear tips and the wings are completely aligned, it provides just enough isolation to ensure that you are still aware of the background traffic noise, in such a way that it does not make the music current heavy Used to be.

While listening to a podcast, I had no complaints. I was vocal crisp and listening to the locals in Mumbai, which was noisy, I had no problem with audio volume.

The music I had most heard with IFFree was my exercise music, which included several Eminem playlists, some sharp AR Rahman number, a bit of Dido and Porpine Tree. For most of these songs earphones did well and were most sensitive in turns. To hear some solo tree track like new soul buying and reach somewhere, but here the low frequency section looked quite flat and there were no nuances in the presentation. The same was true about many Pink Floyd songs, where the low frequency sounds were not only audible.

But if you are racing, you are not really paying attention to fine nuances, but just want to play your favorite music in the background. When listening to Eminem’s rap, the bass effect is not clear either. So if you are in strong Bollywood music and want the bass thump to shake you in the song, Ifre is not an earphone for you.

Vocal-heavy tracks, such as DIDO’s albums were looking lovely and I was quite happy with the total output there. Each time at one time, I used to listen to the songs of old Kishore Kumar and I did not think there was lack of ibriha anywhere, but it is not an earphone, on which I listen to the Hindustani classical music or classical orchestra, while the sound Separation There he is not impressive.

Call quality: 7.5 / 10

Call Quality was good on 1More iBFree. The person living on the other end did not have any quality to listen to me clearly. I noticed that many times, when my beard was blocking the mike area, even then the voice was running without any hitch.

Battery Life: 7.5 / 10

1More iBFree earphone took about two hours to fully charge and it gave a good 7-8 hours of good time. The extra time was strictly right because I realized that if I did not use earphones after a few days, the charge would drop dramatically. But thanks to a decent fee rate, I will not complain much about it.

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