March 4, 2019 Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD In-Ear Headphones Review

Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD In-Ear Headphones Review

Bayerdinemic is a 100 year old audio product company, which has built a reputation for itself for decades, especially among audiophiles (self-declared or otherwise).

As a fan of the company’s products themselves, when Bidyanamic offered to send a Beat Bird Review Unit, I was quite worried. Unlike most audiophile gear, this is an entry-level set of earphones that retail only for Rs 2,199.

But are they any good? Did the BareDaynamic manage somehow to squeeze the audiofile quality in this cheap? Well, they sound good after a fashion, but have to compromise.

Build and design is best described as premium instead. Earpiece housing is made of plastic, silicone and cable ear tips are rubber coated. Ear tips, at least, are very comfortable to listen for long term.

Talking about the design, one wonderful thing I saw was that the cable did not get easily attached. This is such a thing with which expensive sets are also covered.

Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD In-Ear Headphones Review

I would get a little bit of audio quality, but the one thing that rubbled me wrong was the lack of remote or mic on the board. This is 2019, everyone listens to music on their phone and I do not think there is a person who will not keep the mic / remote on the wired earphones.

It’s not that this is some fancy, high-grade audiofile set that can not be without DAC and amps, it’s a budget set with a small cable that will not be used with anything but a phone. Earphones and headset at half price include some types of mic / remote.

For me or anyone, every time my phone has to be taken out because they want to change the volume or the track? Worse, if you get a call, you should unplug the set with the phone and your ear to answer it, which is frustrating to use it specifically on the commute. This is a regressive decision that alone can not recommend this set to anyone for this reason.

If you do not care about the lack of remote / mic, then Byrd’s audio quality is quite good. It is very heavy for my taste, but the bass has more depth than I expected. For my ears, the bass is overlapping and encroachments in the mid-range and the high places are very small.

It is being said that the audio quality is not bad and it is better than the cheapest cheats I have tried. The problem is that for 2,200 bucks, you have 1more sets like single driver, which give better sound, are better built and contain a mic / remote.

Bottom line: If you like bass, you are on a budget and for whatever reason, you do not want a mic or remote, you have got the set you are looking for. Everyone else can choose just 1more single driver or OnePlus Bullets V2.


Beat when on-the-go with BareDayNamic Beat BRD. This pleasurable punch provides a well-balanced sound with bass. This in-year, baredinematic Zelento and Jazz legend, Charlie. Inspired by Bird Parker.

Beat BRRD has flat housing which allows it to fit naturally in your ears while being comfortable. Keeping the cable noise away, its flexible cable is durable for the adventures of all life.

PS: Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD does not come with a mic and remote. (But it comes with Maxwell-HP 22 Mike Adapter of maximum 249 / -)

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