March 4, 2019 Suzuki Vitara Brezza First Review and First Rides

Suzuki Vitara Brezza First Review and First Rides

With the 2018 update, Maruti has introduced AMT Transmission in Vitara Breza. And although the Maruti cars with the 1.3-liter diesel engine have an AMT in models like Swift and DZire, this is the first time that coupling with more powerful DDiS200 tunes. Apart from AMT addition, some feature updates have also been done. Does this combination work enough to say goodbye to your traffic crisis? And what has changed?


As far as Lux is concerned, the only difference in the 2018 update is black alloy wheels, which are now available in Z and Z + variants. They replace the old gray but the size and shape are the same. In our opinion, black people look better. Also, this orange color is a new addition, which is the place of the old blue color.

Then there is a chrome bar on the top of the license plate, which was previously available only in top end variants but is now available in the range.
Everything like that is still like Boxy SUV size, LED light guide, floating roof design and large glass area which makes Brezza a hit at the first place.

Inside, again, things remain exactly the same. You get a neat looking All-Black Dashboard with Smartplay Infotainment System. It supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. You get Bluetooth, Aux and USB connectivity even further. In this top variant, you get 6 speakers and audio quality, although little bass is heavy, effective.

Suzuki Vitara Brezza First Review and First Rides

You sit in a commanding position, one of the advantages of Vita Braja But as the benefits stand, the niggles also do it. Plastic quality and texture look cheap and does not look like overall internal quality premium. In the AMT variant, you are further dropped on cruise control, a feature which is present in manual variants.

As part of the 2018 update, Maruti has removed the ‘alternative’ variant from the lineup. Now you get safety features in all the variants like DUAL airbags like ABS, ABD with EBD, ISOFIX child seat mounts, rear parking sensor and seat belt with pretenders and load limiters.

The biggest change in the AMT variant is the AMT gear shifter. It’s easy to use and you can push the lever to the left to go to manual mode.

Engine and display

No modification has been made in the 1.3-liter DDiS200 diesel engine. It still creates the maximum power of 90PS and peak torque of 200Nm. It suffers from Turbo lag below 2,000rpm and gives good performance beyond about 4500rpm. What does AMT Transmission do, reduces the effect of turbo lag.

The gearbox does not shift gear a lot, it’s up or down. In addition, it keeps reverse in the lower gear to keep the car in the powerband’s meat. Consequently, you get a smooth ride without worrying about getting the reverse. For overtakes, the gearbox downshoot occurs only when the throttle action is sudden and strong, otherwise it keeps the car in the same gear to complete the maneuver. On highways, changes in the 4th to 5th gear can be hard to feel, and the car happily travels miles.


The throttle response has been dialed backwards. As a result, you need to provide more input to gain noticeable performance. The gear shift is smooth, as long as you are gentle with throttle. If you prefer to drive fast in traffic, it is better to have a shift in manual mode and to control the shift yourself.

But a bit of toll has been taken on the efficiency of Gearbox Holding Revs. While the manual returned the mileage of 21kmpl to our city in the tests, AMT gave a return of 17.6kmpl. Even on the highway, efficiency decreased from about 5kmpl to 20.9kmpl. But even these figures are ahead of competition and even on their own, they are less than impressive.

Altogether, the AMT has been tuned for city use and because the gearbox puts you in powerband for most of the time, the AMT feels better than the driving manual too!

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March 4, 2019 Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs BMW 7 Series

Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs BMW 7 Series

Ever since I was a child and had dreamed of a big owner Sedan, these two cars kept me in the night. Now, fortunately, my career option has given me the right equipment to finally give the child an answer – a Mercedes-Benz S 350D and a BMW 730 LD M Sport. Being a flagship sedan, these cars probably pack everything in a manufacturer’s car. This means that lots of Zuber jabber, which you can not be interested in. So today, we will follow and focus only on those things that matter and help you to choose as much as possible.

  • 7’s Headlamps shoot the laser (we are not joking!) In which there is a range of up to 600 meters, whereas in S there are 4 small lenses in 84 LEDs that can be pointed in different directions. Both are quite cool but in startup, S light shines on a little show which is quite special.
  • There are veins in the Kidney grill of intake that are open when the excessive cooling, while S ‘Grill gets a radar for adaptive braking and more. Apart from this, it gets a Mercedes hood ornament that adds a class to the design.
  • 7 has 19-inch wheels, 245/45 rubber front and 275/40 are on the rear side. On the other hand, S gets 18-inch wheels with 245/50 rubber on all four corners. When it comes to alloy design, then it is 7 which gets our vote to see that extra bit smart.
  • On behalf of the side, although slightly less than the 7S, it gives long thanks to its low heights and sharp turns around.
  • Even from the back, it is 7 which looks more aggressive, with a fast chrome line running on the taillamps.
  • The 7-series has a standout feature light carpet, which makes way for the car at night and really feels great.
  • Where 7 gets better street presence with its aggression, the S-Class does so with its own pride. If we choose one, then it will be 7 because it looks sharp and turns more head. S Look is now all familiar, thanks to the small sibling of its origin such as the mini clone.
  • There is an attraction of an old school in the cabin of the BMW 7 Series, but it has tons of technology. In the center console it has lots of buttons, which feel a little bit choppy. On the other hand, the S-Class gets a very clean cabin with at least hidden technology.

The touchscreen at the top controls all elements of the car: comfort, drive, information, settings and more. In-the-Infotainment screen, though not touch-sensitive, but it becomes a hassle when using 3rd party app like Apple Carple or Android Auto.

  • Both cars get rotary dials on the center console to control the system. S gets two small touchpads on the steering wheel, from which the screen can be controlled. Contains the left-hand Infotainment display and controls the left-hand instrument cluster. The good thing is that they are very comfortable to use.
  • The BMW 7 series also receives gesture controls in the cabin with which you can control the media player or call. But this feature feels more like a gimmick because those two things can be controlled more accurately through a steering wheel button.
  • The high quality beige leather covers the seats of 7 and it is also on the door pad and armrest, which makes the cabin feel premium. To add some prosperity, the polished wood is also used on the dashboard and doors.

S’s cabin gives you more special with matte finishwood running on the dashboard and flowing on doors, with vents for metal knots and ACs; And with the brownish beige theme, the metal element opposite the silver.

  • Between the two, S provides a better in-cabin experience. Its look is clean, premium and outdoors, it has the design flow and it looks more elegant.
  • As the exit from the large area of ​​glass, the 7th cabin gets slightly elevated. But the seats of S do a fantastic job around you, almost like a work.
  • The seats of the S are just fantastic. The shape surrounding the traveler feels like a hot throat. A special mention is made in the form of a head cushion, which feels that the head resting on the wings bed.

7’s rear seat is more spacious for three seats, and is also quite comfortable. But compared to S, it feels like a bench – though it’s a good one.

Both the panoramic sunroofs meet with the sliding rear section. The sunroof of 7 gets reflective elements which take the color of ambient light.

Speaking about, ambient light in S-Class looks better than 7. The colors are stronger and when they reflect light upholstery, the cabin almost completely takes the shadow of light. It basically runs on the dashboard and on the door pads.

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March 4, 2019 Honda CR First review and First Drive

Honda CR First review and First Drive

Older readers will recall Honda’s CR-V for a trend setter. This was made the SUV entertaining, cool and slow to cool. Back in India, the first two generations (third and second world level) altered appetite and mindset. Despite being provided two-line and just gas, there was lots of requirement for CR-V. However, the wave changed with the upcoming genes – a gentle layout, interior insides and increasing gas prices made it a negative note.

Outside However, while you spend time with it, the fluctuations become apparent and the result appears to be quite dramatic. Its face seems familiar, but grill and headlamps today appear more futuristic. The crests on the bonnet and the creases on both sides are somewhat more pronounced, which, needless to say, make it appear long and powerful. Underneath you can see that very long tail lamps such as LED taillights also give thanks.

In case CR-V appears more powerful, then the rationale is also larger. This brand new Honda has long, broad and has big footprints. The 40 mm extended wheelbase has enabled Honda to correct a third row of seats for the very first time, for CR-V. This isn’t all: Extraction of property has also been raised to grow the SUV quotient. Both are remarkable numbers, but we’ll see how the numbers vary under Indian standards.


CR-V was fully eliminated from indoors. Extraordinary wood used on dashboard and door pads feels and looks impressive. Soft-touch substances are everywhere. It appears too high tech! A sci-fi piece is very similar to Lambos, there’s absolutely not any equipment lever . Rather, CR-V Park utilizes the button on centre console to choose drive or reverse. Chilly! And convenient!

The motorist’s instrument cluster is all-digital also it’s extremely simple to load and browse the whole info. Dash design includes Slim Air-Con Vents, which sit over the middle console, similar to the Amazon. Who’s motivated by that which, of course it’s possible to guess the middle console looks really clean since there aren’t a lot of knobs or buttons inside it.

Additionally, it doubles as a interface management features such as fan speed and port for airflow management.

There’s a large storage segment between the front seats, where the cup holders, the tray to your telephone along with the QB hole for keys and also a larger bin which may store a few soft drink cans. On the other hand, the pocket of the doorway is rather thin and may accommodate just half-liter bottles.
front chairs are extremely welcome since they adopt the dwelling, and will even delight the larger passengers.

But, just the driver’s chair is operated, in addition to 8-side adjustable. Passenger seat has to be corrected manually As anticipated, there’s a good deal of headroom here. The cottage is broad, and while driving, you find the Lane Watch camera is actually useful, otherwise you need to fold a significant bit so as to have a peek at the passenger side and ORVM.

Honda CR First review and First Drive

The back seat is also comfy. There’s loads of space here in order to pull out, particularly if there’s not one in the next line since it permits you to slip the next line back. But with sunroof and roof-mounted aircraft ports, the head area is tampered with and will rub against the liner of the lengthy passenger roof.

To make it to the next line you want to draw two straps, one for front and another to proceed. The next line is quite low-set and will accommodate individuals who are 5’6″longer if the center line goes forward, so it’s mainly for kids. The fantastic thing is that the middle Following moving all of the way across the line, you are able to sit there.

Screen Luckily, the sound level in the cottage isn’t closed. Whenever you increase the rate, you can listen to petrol clayters, but then it doesn’t stop. As soon as you get up for pace then it’s cool.

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March 4, 2019 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift First Drive Review

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift First Drive Review

In reality, over 2.2 million units of Ciaz are sold and now have 34 percent market share at the compact sedan segment, which includes a tough competition. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz gave it a timeless look but it stayed long in tooth. It was time to upgrade Maruti Suzuki’s Ciaz also it occurred! The business launched Ciaz Facelift at India at appealing prices (in the future more).

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz was consistently a beautiful-looking automobile and today with Facelift, it’s an entirely different personality. The front end in the automobile is totally new! The grill with flat chrome slats was substituted with a new and sensual grill with’multi-pixel’ layout with chrome boundaries. Facelift functions for the brand new Ciaz, and with these new features the car appears really upmarket and tasteful.

On the back side, the brand new Ciaz includes a slightly twisted bumper with LED blends lamps! The chrome garnish at the floor increases the top appearance of the sedan…. All in all, the shape of the automobile stays the exact same and is seen from the profile, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz understands a fresh 16-inch metal with a gorgeous weathered grey finish. .

Measure in the cottage and you’ll observe a lot hasn’t changed. There’s a brand new 4.2 inch TFT instrumentation console that currently provides echo lighting. It follows that color varies based on the screen forcing routine. Other upgrades include new faux wood inserts and lace chrome inserts, which raise the superior quotient within the brand new 2018 Ciaz Facelift.

Not automatically Maruti promises to decrease costs using a refined petrol model and petrol with a fresh and more efficient drive. Obviously, a number of different attributes are added into Ciaz’s kitty. If that’s the scenario, we’re answering a very simple question – are your own upgrades sufficient to cut a test for this?


Do folks know that you’re in charge of a brand new cage rather than old? Valid question The response is dependent upon the version. By way of instance, the top-specific alpha version that you see here in images are readily separated from the incoming model. Other people need a bit curious appearance. Remember, there’s a new layout for 16-inch metal wheels and there are a number of chrome decorations on the back bumper. Beneath the version series, attractiveness changes are restricted to reddish front grille and bumper.

The grill is broad and unites the headlamps. We enjoy the microscopic charts of Chrome in addition to details such as web. Throughout a broad air dam, there’s a couple key competitive bumpers along with the key C-shaped frame for fog lamps.


Measure inside, and most of the things around you’re familiar. The design is still the same, therefore there isn’t any unpleasant surprises . All controllers come handy readily, and what’s more, they’re only kept at which you would like them.

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March 4, 2019 Renault Kwid Climber AMT Review

Renault Kwid Climber AMT Review

Renault Kwid has always been the choice of youth in the entry-level hatchback segment. Its SUV inspired look, long feature list and low running cost have made it an ideal choice for youngsters. And for 2018, Renault has added more features to the package while maintaining the same price tags, which has increased its cost-per-money. Let’s take a look at what’s new in 2018 Kwid Climber AMT.

The design

When it comes to Lux, it was the first small car to try something new in Kwid Segment. For the year 2018, Renault has given new chrome elements, new side graphics and black wheel cap on regular variants such as Grill of Kwid Minor Cosmetic Makeover. However, Kwid Climber is not untouched.

A bold grill, long bonnet and big body cladding help it look like a mini-SUV. Apart from this, the climbers also have foox skid plates with roof guardrails, large fog lamps and side cladding and orange accents. In addition, there are also wheel caps, which mimic alloy wheels.

‘Climber’ badging can also be seen in front door, rear windscreen and inside the car. Overall, Kwid Climber looks attractive compared to regular models and is therefore also a better street presence.


Inside the climber, things are familiar. There is a delicious use of orange contrast on door pads, center console and seat upholstery. In addition, you get im clamber badges on the steering wheel and seats, which leave behind the inside part.

And then comes the first-class touchscreen entertainment system with navigation, Bluetooth, USB and Aux input. If these features are not enough, Renault has raised the bar with a reverse camera with the 2018 model, for the first time a boon for drivers is difficult to get out of and out of tight parking spaces.

And then there is a completely digital instrument cluster, in which there is a clean readout for speed. However, I wish this was a big font for the tour’s performance. In addition, the orange background of the cluster commends for the orange contrast of the climber.

First-class AMT dial in Kwid Climber continues. It changes the traditional gear lever with a knob which can be changed to either drive or reverse or ‘D’ or ‘R’.

The quality inside the cabin was never going to be Kwid’s stronghold. Plastics on the dashboard, especially at the center AC vents and buttons seem flare-up. Door pads use average quality plastic and the cabin is not able to fit premiums. Even the AMT dial looks a little difficult and a metal goes a long way in feeling too harsh.

He said, there are lots of storage options inside the cabin. Since there is no gear lever, the entire lower console acts as a storage bucket and the front area has more space for two cup holders, one 12V socket and knock-nac. There are also two glove boxes as well. Even the front door pockets have 1 liter of water bottles for cleaning clothes and small items like newspapers.

Speaking of space, Kwid’s rear seats have a flat bench, which can easily accommodate two adults or three children. There is also a decent legroom and headroom, provided you tick down six feet. 2018 Kwid Climber is very famous car in auto world now gets a rear seat armrest That look better than others. This facility is awesome, which in the absence of the above section cars in auto world, also helps in traveling more comfortable for the back seat passengers.

Most importantly, the 2018 Kwid finally receives a retractable seat belt for the back passengers, which had a great default in earlier models. In addition, there is also a new 12V charging socket in the rear.

Kwid not only fit four passengers comfortably, but also with their luggage. It packs the 300-liter best-in-class boot space, which is much higher than the hatchback from the above section. This can easily swallow a couple of suitcases and travel bags, making it ideal for a weekend road trip.

In short, compared to the standard model, Kwid Climber feels more youthful than inside. It has a load of practical storage options, facilities and space. If you can ignore the quality of the parts used, then it is a good place to stay in.

Engine and display

Kwid Climber still packs 1.0-liter petrol motor under the bonnet. It produces power of 68PS at 5500rpm and 91Nm peak torque at 4250rpm. The car we tested came with the 5-speed AMT. You can also buy with a 5-speed manual. With the 2018 update, Renault has finally introduced the Creep Function to AMT. This allows the car to move slowly in the drive mode and lets you move through the brake, so the drive becomes very smooth in bumper-to-bumper traffic because the driver does not have to use throttle pedal to go now.

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